Assessor Rolls Open on July 15

The Assessor Rolls will be open to the public beginning on July 15 and remain open until August 15.    You can find out your assessment online via >Search Records.
If you believe the assessment is in error, you have an opportunity to plead your case to the Assessor during this period. When you visit the Assessor be sure to bring documentation to support what you think the assessed value of the property should be. This includes a recent appraisal, builder’s contract, insurance documents, and/or pictures. All pictures must be recent, printed, and dated.  You may also bypass the step of discussing your assessment in person by submitting a formal appeal online at or by bringing the appeal documents to the  Assessor’s Office. For more information or locations for appeal, contact the Assessor’s office at (504) 658-1300 or visit Property Owners Guide to Open Roll Period.
You do not dispute or “appeal” your property assessment to the Assessor’s Office because you think your taxes are too high. That is a discussion to take up with the taxing authorities. Property assessment appeals are made because you think the value placed on your property is too high because of inaccurate estimations on its size (i.e., the living area of your home is 1600 square feet not 2000), or that other neighboring properties have been recently sold at a relatively lower market value than the estimated value of your property.
STORM NOTES: Open Rolls review at Algiers Courthouse and Lakeview Christian Center pushed back to July 18; open Rolls period extended to August 19 at all sites. Due to the projected weather event the Orleans Parish Assessor’s Office will not be opening its satellite locations at the Algiers Courthouse and Lakeview Christian Center for the public inspection of the tax rolls on July 15 as planned. All sites will be open for the public inspection of the tax rolls on Thursday, July 18, 2019  and will now close on Monday, August 19, 2019.  While the City Hall location is expected to be open July 15, we ask property owners to keep up with any closure notices for public buildings due to Storm Barry and if possible, save their questions about their revaluation until July 18th. Formal appeals will be accepted until 4 p.m., Thursday, August 22, online at apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Any revisions to this announcement will be provided in a timely fashion at