The Association has long been the steward of the neighborhood. It represents the area on many matters relating to zoning, historic preservation, code enforcement and maintaining the quality of life and unique character for its residents and visitors.  Check out our resource page for more information and links to other helpful sites.

The Garden District Association:

  • Works consistently to foster the improvement and beautification of the general physical environment of the neighborhood.
  • Coordinates its efforts with other neighborhood and preservation organizations and works with agencies and developers to perpetuate the eclectic charm of its small businesses.
  • Engages in special projects aimed at long term preservation of one of the country’s most unique neighborhoods.
  • Works with city agencies, the Sixth District Police Department, the City Administration, the District B Council member and other City Council members to monitor and positively affect the area’s safety, zoning and quality of life concerns.
  • Is recognized and respected by these entities as the consensus “voice” for the neighborhood.