Armed Robbery on Chestnut and Philip / Arrest Made

On or about 2040 (8:40 pm) on March 11, 2017, a GDSD officer was flagged down on the corner of Philip and Magazine by a young couple reporting they were victims of an attempted mugging. The husband stated that the suspect was a young teen or pre-teen male black who brandished what looked to be a firearm and told him to get on his knees. As the victim complied he stated that the suspect ed down Philip heading towards Magazine. The GDSD officer made his way back down Magazine looking for the suspect but found no one. NOPD got the same call and detained a young twelve year old male carrying a toy gun. GDSD arrived on NOPD’s scene to inform them of the situation. NOPD officer had detained the suspect and they were currently waiting on their DIU.

The GDSD officer was approached by the manager of Stein’s Deli and informed that merchandise and the keys to Stein’s were taken from the front of his business by a young black male. The description given matched the description given by the victims of the Chestnut Street robbery.

Upon investigation of the two crimes it was discovered by NOPD that the same suspect was guilty of both crimes and was placed under arrest.


As always, we urge you to use the GDSD patrol anytime day or night to escort you to and from your car or when you are arriving to your destination in the Garden District. Simply call (504) 899-4373 (GDSD) and ask for assistance. Reporting all suspicious activity to the patrol helps prevent crimes. Please take every precaution to be safe.