Arrest on Conery and St. Charles

At approximately 2 am on May 10, the GDSD patrol witnessed an irate male wearing army fatigues and causing a disturbance at the corner of St. Charles and Conery. Upon their approach, officers found an Hispanic male who was extremely agitated, combative, and yelling and cursing at the officers. A backup unit arrived to assist the subject in calming down. It was then discovered that the subject had abandoned a bicycle on the streetcar tracks exposing a handgun next to it. NOPD was called.

The subject became even more combative and tried to harm the two officers. He was forcibly detained but continued to fight. He was searched for weapons. None were found. When NOPD arrived, the officer found a broken meth pipe and residue in the fanny pack that the subject was wearing around his waist. NOPD then moved the subject to his patrol unit and went to secure the weapon on the streetcar tracks. When he was attempting to clear the weapon it was then discovered that the handgun was in fact a pellet gun.

NOPD stated that they could not transport the subject to central lockup due to his condition of being high on meth. NOPD called for EMS and the subject was then transported to the hospital. No further action was taken.


As always, the Garden District Security District urges you to use the patrol as often as possible. Officers are on duty 24 hours each day and can provide escorts to and from your home at any time. Please report all crimes and suspicious activity to the NOPD (911) and the patrol at (504) 899-4373.