Car Jacking Reported On Conery

At 2:13am on 12-17-16, GDSD officers responded to a call on the scanner with regards to a carjacking in the 1500 block of Conery. Both GDSD officers and NOPD unit 605 arrived on scene simultaneously and spoke with the victim. The victim stated he and his son were sitting in his black four door sedan Mercedes Benz in the driveway. As they were talking, a black male approximately 20-30 years old wearing dark clothing and a black mask over his face, pulled out a black semi automatic handgun, pointed it at the victim and demanded they start the vehicle and then exit. The victims exited the car and suspect got in and drove away towards Carondelet, turned right then unknown. All GDSD and NOPD units searched for the vehicle to no avail. Detective with the NOPD took over the investigation.

The NOPD later informed the GDSD that the stolen vehicle was located at 3500 Garden Oaks at the Jackson Landing apartments in the 4th district. NOPD transported the owner of the car to that location and waited on Crime Lab to show up to investigate the car. The car was released to the victim.