Film Production Scheduled for Cemetery


Day and Night Filming
2600 Block of St. Charles Avenue

Dear Residents and Business Owners,

We will be filming in your area at 2618 St. Charles Ave from Tuesday, April 3 – Saturday, April 7 during the hours listed below. We will make every effort to rotate parking on the outlying blocks, stay clear of driveways, and be attentive to your needs.

TUESDAY 4/3 – Filming approx. 6AM – 9PM
WEDNESDAY 4/4 – Filming approx. 10AM – 12AM (Thurs 4/5)
THRUSDAY 4/5 – Filming approx. 10AM – 12AM (Fri 4/6)
FRIDAY 4/6 – Filming approx. 12PM – 2AM (Sat 4/7)
SATURDAY 4/7 – Filming approx. 11AM – 2AM (Sun 4/8)

Please note: As required by the city of New Orleans, we will be posting “NO PARKING” signs in our city approved and reserved parking footprint. Please make every effort to observe the restricted parking times. The city has a new policy – they no longer allow us to tow a car from our footprint to another nearby spot across the street or around the block – if your vehicle is towed by a city tow truck, they will ticket your car and take it to the city pound. We will not be able to change their course of action.

12PM SAT 3/31 – 7PM WED 4/11:
• 2600 St Charles Ave (RIVERSIDE)

5AM TUES 4/3 – 10AM SUN 4/8:
• 1/3 of the 1500 block Fourth St (BOTH SIDES)
• 1/2 of the 1500 block Third St (BOTH SIDES)
• 2500 – 2600 blocks St Charles Ave (BOTH SIDES)

5AM TUES 4/3 – 5AM THURS 4/5
• 2700 block St Charles Ave (BOTH SIDES)

5AM THURS 4/5 – 10AM SUN 4/8
• 2500 – 2700 blocks St Charles Ave (BOTH SIDES)

We will also have the New Orleans Sheriff office conducting intermittent traffic control during the days and times listed below.

Tues 4/3, 9AM – 11AM & Thurs 4/5, 6PM – 10PM & Fri 4/6 9AM – 1PM
St. Charles Ave at Fourth St
St. Charles Ave at Third St.

We are working with Katie Williams of Film New Orleans in the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Economy, who can be reached at 504-658-0923 to verify our credentials. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us or email us at the below contacts. Thank you for your patience and support of filmmaking in the city. Should you have any issues while we are filming on set, ask anyone with a radio for “Locations” and we will come to you.

With regard,
Virginia McCollam and Evan Gabriele
(504) 262-2848 office