Garden District Security District – 2016 Year End Report


Since 1998, the Garden District Security Patrol officers have provided around the clock enhanced security patrols for the neighborhood. This includes multiple private patrol officers on simultaneous duty plus NOPD detail officers on duty for random shifts. All day, every day, GDSD officers are available in the District to assist you in emergency situations, to check your home or business when you are out of town, escort you safely from your car to your door, or check out suspicious persons in the area. They work closely with the NOPD officers of the Sixth District to monitor and deter crime in the area and report crimes that have occurred. All residents and businesses within the boundaries of Louisiana Avenue, Carondelet Street, Jackson Avenue and Magazine Street (both sides of all streets) are eligible to receive GDSD patrol service any time, day or night. The positive results of this coverage can be noted in our crime statistics that are consistently lower than many other areas surrounding us and across the city that do not enjoy enhanced security. Crime Statistics Categorized statistics are uploaded weekly by our GDSD supervisors and available for viewing anytime at

As of this writing, this year our GDSD patrol officers have conducted more than 1300 resident and business escorts and hundreds of home checks for our travelling residents. They have handled incidents such as hit and run accidents, suspicious person calls, medical/mental emergency responses, drunk driver complaints, auto burglaries (mostly from unlocked cars) and thefts, and assisted NOPD on serious incidents such as residence burglaries and armed robberies. These are only some of the activities they have handled throughout the year. Though there was an uptick in crime in the uptown area this year, and around the city periodically, we believe that their visibility continues to be a deterrent to potential crime in this area that is heavily travelled by thousands of visitors each month as well as our more than 2500 residents. The city-wide crime trends and statistics, can be found on the city’s website

Are you on the Email Blast List? If you are not already receiving our periodic email blasts, we invite you to join our email list to receive alert notices and activity reports regarding the patrol, the NOPD and neighborhood concerns. Simply send a request with your email address and home address to

Lock It Up! All visible items should be removed from your car each time you park.If you have a house alarm, it is recommended that you add the GDSD number as one of the first responder numbers in case of emergency. Often the GDSD patrol officers can be there faster than the NOPD to help control the situation.

Remember, keeping your belongings secure protects not only you and your family but your neighbors as well. Remember to give the GDSD Patrol Number 899-GDSD to your visitors and other family members to use whenever possible for escort service or to report an unusual activity or crime. We also encourage you to add the number to your contacts on your cell and home phone speed dial. Escorts can help prevent a would-be criminal from taking advantage of a situation and allows the officer to become more familiar with you, your family and your property, thus better able to protect you. 2017.


At its annual public hearing and budget meeting in November, the GDSD Board of Commissioners discussed and determined the number of mills to be levied against each property for 2017 to be 11, the same level since 2013. This tax is billed via the city’s property tax bills usually sent in December each year.

Board of Commissioners The GDSD Board of Commissioners, made up of residents within the security district, meets several times each year to set the security plan and budget and implement policies. They and the Executive Director are always available to discuss these issues wit.h neighbors.


  • Chip Saulsbury – President
  • Fred Buras – Vice President
  • Randy Richardson – Secretary
  • Ken Davis – Treasurer
  • Directors: Andre Gaudin, Ann Grace, Bobby Hassinger, Beverly Lamb, Wendell LeGardeur, Isabel Sanders and Sandy Shilstone
  • Executive Director: Shelley Landrieu

Have a Safe and Happy 2017!