Juveniles Apprehended For Attempted Car Burglaries

On April 9 at approximately 1:30 pm, while on patrol in the 2800 block of Carondelet, GDSD Sgt. A Boulas observed five male subjects walking in the street west bound towards 6th. He then observed three of the subjects walk to the sidewalk while the two remaining male subjects stayed in the street; then observed the two male subjects still in the street scaling separately curbside/street side and pulling on car door handles. Sgt. Boulas made an attempt to make contact with said subjects at which time he observed two of the male subjects run westbound on Carondelet past the GDSD marked unit and three of the male subjects run eastbound towards Washington. The officer was able to make contact with three of the male subjects as they hid behind a tree and learned that they were juveniles living in close proximity to the location of the offense. Officer notified other GDSD units as to the the need for backup and advised them to notify NOPD. NOPD arrived shortly thereafter at which time all subjects were interviewed.

NOPD Officer advised Sgt. Boulas that all three of the subjects had prior records for burglary. NOPD Officer escorted all three said subjects to Juvenile Detention Services. Two of the subjects will be charged with curfew violations and the third will be charged with curfew violation along with tampering charges. The third subject is also being charged with possession of stolen property. Juveniles names were not given by NOPD officer due to the fact that they are juveniles. No further information was available to report.

As always, we urge you to use the GDSD patrol anytime day or night to escort you to and from your car or when you are arriving to your destination in the Garden District. Simply call (504) 899-4373 (GDSD) and ask for assistance. Reporting all suspicious activity to the patrol helps prevent crimes. Please take every precaution to be safe.