Profiles in Preservation Program

Since 1939, the Garden District Association has worked to maintain the historic nature of our homes and gardens, and to protect our vibrant neighborhood.

The New Orleans Garden District received National Historic Landmark status in 1971. As part of that process, a survey of our 78-block district concluded that 83% of our structures—951 of 1,137—were historically important or “Contributing,” making our neighborhood one of the largest concentrations of intact historic homes in the country.

In this, our 80th year as an Association, we have ramped up our efforts to preserve and protect.  In a spirit of celebration and education, the Profiles in Preservation Program was launched. Under the guidance of the Board, a Committee has engaged a team of respected architectural historians, advisors and professionals in photography, graphic design and writing to accomplish this ambitious project. We are grateful for the immediate support from homeowners thus far and undertake this work hand-in-hand with you, the stewards of these architectural treasures.  We invite you to join in!



Residents with eligible properties* can subscribe to the program to receive:

~ Authentic history and old photos of their home and area as researched by a professional historian compiled in beautiful personal book

~ Professional photographs of the home and gardens

~ Bronze marker revealing the history installed on their property

~ Inclusion in the coffee table style photographic book of the Garden District homes produced at the end of the project. (First 100 subscribers are guaranteed inclusion)

Sponsors: Andrea and David Bland, Katherine and Tony Gelderman, Susan and Jimmy Gundlach, Jennifer and Dennis Lausha, Hancock Whitney Bank, Olivia and Archie Manning, Kikie and Robert Priddy.

Committee: Andrea St. Paul Bland, Jennifer Charpentier, Shelley Landrieu, Laura Moise and Isabel Sanders

Photography: David G. Spielman

Architectural Historians: Kelly Calhoun, Hilary Irvin, Sally Reeves, Heather Veneziano and Nora Goddard.

*All homes selected for this project must first meet the criteria set forth by the New Orleans Historic District Landmarks Commission as a significant or contributing structure without altering its significance through exterior renovations.
Please make check payable to GDA/ Profiles in Preservation
and mail  to PO Box 50836, NOLA 70150