Road Work Info Now Easily Available

City Issues Easy Access to Street Work in All Council Districts

The City of New Orleans’ Department of Public Works and Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans are working together like never before to implement the most robust infrastructure improvement program that our region has seen in a generation, the $2.4B Capital Improvement Program.

With more than 200 projects, there will be a record amount of street work across the city, and once complete, every neighborhood will feel the positive impact. This program will also create thousands of construction jobs and opportunities for our small and disadvantaged businesses.

Aside from the many benefits, we understand that this construction will have impacts on our local residents and businesses. To that end, we are working very hard to ensure that there are plenty of resources available to learn about the individual projects so that you can prepare before construction begins.

We hope that this monthly newsletter with the latest information on current and upcoming projects will serve as a valuable resource. Fixing our streets is a priority so that New Orleans can continue to grow economically and become more and more resilient.

We thank you for being our Capital Improvement Program partners.

Mitchell J. Landrieu,
Mayor City of New Orleans


To access the site and the rest of this message, please click here then click on the photo of District B for our area’s info.