Sexual Battery / Jackson and Chestnut

At approximately 7:30 am on 04-3-16 a GDSD officer was informed by NOPD of a signal 42 (sexual battery) that occurred at the corner of Chestnut and Jackson Ave. Upon arrival to the scene reporting officer was informed that the assailant wrapped what looked to be a chain around his hand and struck the victim over her head. After she fell to the ground it was stated that the assailant ran his hands the length of her body prior to running off within the district. Victim had a noticeable knot on her temple. After the assault victim ran to her job at Charcoal on corner of Magazine and Jackson. The assailant was described as looking homeless wearing a ball cap and blue jeans. Approximately 5’9″ tall and in his mid thirties. No further information is available on this incident at this time.


As always, the Garden District Security District urges you to use the patrol as often as possible. Officers are on duty 24 hours each day and can provide escorts to and from your home at any time. Please report all crimes and suspicious activity to the NOPD (911) and the patrol at (504) 899-4373.