STR Hearing Still On for Tuesday, June 14

Late news reports today indicated that the City Planning commission vote on Short Term Rentals will be postponed. This is true, HOWEVER, the hearing before the Commission on Short Term Rentals will take place as advertised: 1:30 in the City Council Chambers. So please come out and help us fight to keep our neighborhood residential! Many thanks!!


REMINDER: Come help us on Tuesday, June 14

Short Term Rentals are Not Good for the Garden District

Reminder: The Garden District Association is fighting to keep Short Term Rentals out of the neighborhood and we need
your help. We are asking that you show up at the City Planning Commission hearing on June 14 at 1:30 pm (City Hall, Council Chambers) to support the prohibition of Short Term Rentals and any additional Bed and Breakfasts in the
neighborhood. It is important that we have a strong showing of neighbors.

Please wear RED so that we can make a visual impact with other groups in opposition.

Points to Consider:

1. The Garden District already hosts nearly 5 million visitors each year. Allowing whole house rentals, doubles, condos and apartments in the neighborhood to allow daily rentals will put an alarming amount of pressure on the

2. Allowing short term rentals will change the character of the neighborhood from a genuine neighborhood to a mixed use commercial/ residential area.

3. Passage of this plan will allow more than 65% of the property within the Garden District to become short term (daily) rentals. Several will be allowed on each block.

4. Several other cities that have passed such legislation are now trying to reverse some of the laws because they have not resulted in successful regulation of short term rentals.

5. Details of enforcement, appropriate penalties for violations and additional security and trash pick ups are not included in these plans. Passage of a law without details is premature and detrimental for any neighborhood.

Short term rentals do not belong in the Garden District.
The residential character of our neighborhood is at risk.
Please come out to help speak out against this proposal on Tuesday, 1:30 pm in the City Council Chambers.

Your help is much appreciated!

* According to the Tourist Commission, over 4.9 million people visited the Garden District in 2015. The goal for the Tricentennial year in 2018 is 13 million for the city, up from just over 9 million last year.