Want a ‘No Short Term Rentals’ Sign for Your Lawn?

Want A Sign?

As part of the continuing battle against Short Term Rentals, the Garden District Association has produced lawn/fence signs for neighbors to help us make this statement loud and clear to the City Council members. If you would like a sign for your yard, you can either let us know and we will try get one to you or you can stop by the David Spielman Gallery at 1332 Washington, across from Commander’s Palace to get one. We will simply ask that you sign for them so we can keep track. The GDA fought this issue at the City Planning Commission level and will continue this fight before the City Council in the coming months.

We will continue to need the support of our neighbors to hammer home our request to disallow Short Term Rentals in the Garden District based on the fact that we already have 5 million visitors each year that come to our neighborhood. Opening the door to several “mini hotels” on each block will destroy the character of our area, ruin the authentic neighborhood the visitors come to see, and the severely compromise the quality of residential life in the neighborhood. It will take the neighbors out of our neighborhood. Help us get the word to the City Council members.