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Halloween Under the Oaks – SOLD OUT


What a great response we received for our event this year!  We are sorry to say that Halloween Under the Oaks is officially sold out and we are at capacity for the event.   For all of you who purchased tickets, we’ll see you out and about on the route!

Happy Halloween to All!


Reminder: Garden District Neighborhood Meeting Monday


On Monday October 27, the Garden District Association will hold it’s Fall neighborhood meeting at the Rink, corner of Prytania and Washington,  from 6 til 7:30 p.m.  Councilmember Latoya Cantrell will also join us for some of these discussions.

Items to be discussed:

1. The SELA Louisiana Avenue Drainage Project

2. Plans to resurface Camp Street (Washington to Louisiana Avenue)

3. GDA’s work and the latest updates on the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

4. Discussions of  changes in street direction

5. The GDA Tree program re termite treatment and hazardous trees in the District.

6.  Membership information

We encourage you to participate.

Garden District Security District – Extra Lights Needed


As part of our regular duties, the GDSD patrol provides a periodic report of all light outages in the area.  The GDSD office then sends it to the city to put in line for repair.   All in all, most of the outages have been repaired under the Public Works Department contracts or are on the list to be repaired or have a more complex problem than can be repaired at this time. Months ago, the GDSD embarked on a survey of the neighborhood to determine the darkest blocks due to the omission of lights, rather than light outages.

 This is where you and your neighbors can help by adding lights to the exterior of your house or by adding a streetlight on your block for very little cost. Attached is a list of locations where an existing pole can handle an additional light. Entergy has a program which allows anyone to order a light to be installed for free, and a nominal monthly fee ($15 – $40)  It is a quick process. The light can be installed within a few days and billed through your current Entergy bill.  If the light breaks, Entergy will fix it at no charge to you as the light belongs to them, not the city.

We ask that you review the list attached and discuss it with your neighbors.  If you would like to light up your block to benefit your family and your neighbors, please call Entergy at 1-866-603-0192 to get started.  Or visit their website,

And please let us know when the light is installed so we can monitor the changes on the list.  We appreciate your assistance in making our neighborhood a safe place to live.

Click here to see the list of dark locations. Dark Locations in the Garden District




Landscape Options for Louisiana Avenue SELA Project Shared


Last night several residents from the Garden District and the uptown neighborhoods surrounding the SELA drainage projects on Jefferson, Napoleon and Louisiana and Claiborne avenues showed up for a reveal of the proposed landscape plans for each area.   Three designs were offered in each area and participants were asked to comment on their preferences. In some cases bike paths and walking paths were included.

Though the Louisiana Avenue portion of the project is just beginning this week, the other phases have been well underway.  Parts of the project are scheduled for completion in the coming months, while others like portions of the Louisiana phase won’t be completed until 2018.  The Uptown Messenger was on hand and offers a more details and few photos. Click here to read their story.

It’s Official! Our new National Landmark is Announced

It’s official:   The St. Charles Avenue Streetcar system has received National Landmark status.   The announcement came yesterday in Washington D.C  from the US Secretary of the Interior and the National Park Service to publish the final list of 9 new national landmark designations.

Led by the St. Charles Avenue Association and supported by the Garden District Association, many local individuals worked diligently over the past 10 years toward gaining this status for the St. Charles line, the oldest operating streetcar system in the country.  Congratulations and thanks to all involved!

See the attached press release for more information News Release NHL Designations 9.30.14  or the story in today’s Advocate .