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Reminder: Two Productions Scheduled for 7th Street This Week


This week, 7th street between Prytania and Chestnut will become home to two productions.  Parking in the area  along 7th and Coliseum will be restricted to allow for clearance and for necessary equipment for the productions.

On Friday, March 6, for a  4-hour period beginning at 5 am, a New Orleans Tourism and Marketing commercial will be shot in the 1400 block of 7th.  The immediate neighbors that will be affected  by parking restrictions will receive a notice with more detailed information.  For further information, please contact the location manager for the production, Aaron Dunsay, 646-529-8203,


Disney parking #1 Disney parking #2

Overlapping the tourism production will be a Disney Movie called Ghostly Matters that will take place at 1239 7th Street from March 3 through March 7, with set up and wrap days surrounding this timeframe.  The theme of the movie centers around Halloween, and several homes across the street will be decorated as part of the set.   Attached is more information of the production and maps of the areas with restricted parking along Prytania, Sixth, Coliseum and 7th streets.  In addition, at least three NOPD officers will be on hand to direct traffic and secure the site.  As always, the most affected neighbors in the immediate area should have already received fliers and/or a visit by the location managers for the movie.

Dawson Warner  and Shawn Houston are the location managers on this production and can be reached at the following numbers should any concerns over the production arise.  Dawson:  702-677-1789; Shawn: 214-403-7983.

And as always do not hesitate to contact the GDSD patrol if a security need arises (899 -GDSD/4373) or the GDA office via email at

Disney parking #2

Filming Notification: Production B (1329 Seventh St) March 3-8

Dear Neighbors and Business Owners:

This letter is to inform you that on March 3 – March 8 , we will be filming scenes at 1329 Seventh St in this area from approximately 5AM March 3 – 12:30AM March 8.

In order to facilitate filming, we need to reserve parking for our production vehicles only beginning at 5AM March 3. The streets affected are

1300 through 1400 blocks of Seventh St (Prytania St to Chestnut St)

2900 through 3000 block Coliseum St (Sixth St to Eighth St)

1400 block Sixth St (Prytania St to Coliseum St)

Prytania St 1500 block (Washington Ave to Sixth St)
Please note that vehicles left on these streets after 5AM March 3rd may be relocated to a block nearby. We are aware of the inconvenience caused by our activity and apologize in advance. Rest assured that we will do everything possible to minimize the impact of our activities on your neighborhood. If you have particular concerns (scheduled deliveries, construction, accessibility needs, etc.) that must be addressed, please call Shawn Hueston in the Locations Department at 214-403-7983. We will do everything possible to find a mutually agreeable solution.

We are working in full cooperation with Film New Orleans within the Mayor’s Cultural Economy Office and Katie Williams may be contacted to verify our credentials at 504-658-4315. We are also working with all necessary city departments and law enforcement.

Your cooperation and contribution will help to make this location shoot a success. We appreciate your support in the city’s efforts to support filmmaking in and around New Orleans.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Dawson Warner

Neighborhood Updates


The last two weeks were a doozy as neighborhood news goes.  Unfortunately, we did not succeed in getting all we wanted on two zoning matters and a treasured house was marred by fire and another slated for demolition.

Thankfully no one was harmed in the severe fire that tore through the Trufant’s house on Philip and Chestnut on Tuesday.  Still it is a significant loss of an old gem and our thoughts, prayers and offer to help go out to the Trufant family.

Also on Tuesday the City Planning Commission voted  in favor proposal to allow a CVS to take over the Blockbuster site.  The GDA joined with Touro Bouligny Association and Delachaise Association  as well as many neighbors to oppose their sale of alcohol, but the Commission sided with CVS.  The silver lining here is that CVS agreed to several matters we had requested such as changing the facade of the building, adding on-premise security guards,  redesigning the signage,  restricting hours of delivery, and covering the dumpster area.    The have also stated publicly that they will enter into a Good Neighbor Agreement with the Associations which will restrict the type and amount of alcohol sold and cover other issues as well.  The matter must go before the City Council for final approval.

Today,  Councilmember Latoya Cantrell lead the City Council to overturn the City Planning Commissions’ recommendation for denial of the request for a zoning change at the Magnolia Mansion, 2127 Prytania,  allowing them to add an 80 seat restaurant on their ground floor.  Their request was to change the zoning from residential to a full commercial zoning of a C1A.  The current operation is an Apartment Hotel.  The controversial issue brought out 30 + neighbors from the Garden District and the Coliseum Square/Lower Garden District to cheer and speak against the zoning change.  Both neighborhood Associations and the three surrounding condo associations, plus many neighbors fought hard on this for weeks, but lost in the end.  Councilmember Cantrell promised that a Good Neighbor Agreement would be signed before the ordinance would  receive final approval.  The intent of this instrument will be to prohibit future uses of the site as a  gas station, microbrewery, tattoo parlor, cocktail lounge or bar, drive-through car wash, drugstore and many other uses allowed by a a C1A going classification.

Finally, last week, the HDLC approved the demolition of 3316 Prytania Street to allow the building of another home.  Reports show that the house had been neglected for so long that it is no longer stable.  The owner promises to develop it as a single family home and move in with his wife and their three children.  The Association was successful in getting the HDLC to agree to have him sign a bond to assure that the house is built as planned and that the current house would not be demolished leaving an empty lot before all plans were approved.

We thank all of the neighbors who assisted on all of these projects and will keep you posted as things develop.

St. Charles Ave Streetcars Receive National Landmark Status


After nearly 10 years of work, the St. Charles Avenue Streetcars was recently officially designated as a National Historic Landmark.   It is the country’s oldest street railway and follows San Francisco’s cable cars to the list.

The St. Charles Avenue Association spearheaded the effort and was supported by the Garden District Association and many individuals to secure this designation. We are proud of the contribution the streetcars have made to our community and the accomplishment of both of these organizations in securing their future here on our grand boulevards.

For more information on the designation, please see the article in Biz News .

Road Work to Begin in December


The Department of Public Works’ contractor, Durr Heavy Construction, will soon begin construction of the FEMA-funded Recovery Roads – Touro project. The Recovery Roads program is a multi-million dollar, multi-year comprehensive infrastructure improvement program to repair Hurricane Katrina related sub-surface and road damages. DPW is hosting a pre-construction community meeting for this project to discuss construction sequencing and anticipated construction impacts.

The project boundaries are Napoleon Ave. St. Charles Ave. Toledano and Magazine Streets.   While most of this work occurs in the Touro neighborhood, several blocks in the Garden District are affected as well.

Please click on the links below for more information: copy of the notice that was mailed to all affected property owners within the boundaries, a fact sheet on the project and a map of the work area.

Touro Streets project map

Streets POST CARD Rescheduled Touro community mtg FACTSHEET Touro Recovery

Roads Fact Sheet 2014-11.3.14