Armed Robbery on Joseph / Second Incident In As Many Days

An armed robbery was reported last night around 2:45 am. The previous night, a carjacking in the same area took place.

In last night’s incident, there were four victims and they reported that they were returning home from a local bar. They were walking on Octavia Street and when they reached the intersection of Octavia and Coliseum they noticed an unknown make and model pickup truck possible cream or silver colored. The truck had tinted windows and black cover over the bed. This is similar to the previous carjacking.

The truck had turned onto Octavia from Coliseum and parked and three unknown Black Males exited the vehicle. They were all wearing dark colored clothing and approached the victims and pointed their weapons at them and demanded their property. One of the victim’s refused and resisted to give them her purse. She was dragged across the street and she kicked the perpetrator and he slammed her head into the curb. She suffered a minor cut to her leg and a scrape to her head.

The perpetrators patted down the other victims and got all of their property. The wanted subjects returned to the truck and made good with their escape.

Two of the victims were visiting were family in the area and were from out of the country.

Residents in the general area with cameras are asked to check the footage for any pertinent information regarding eh cars, the victims or the suspects and report this to the NOPD 2nd District.

Though this incident happened further uptown from the GDSD, the perpetrators are not likely to discriminate between neighborhoods. So please take extra precautions and be on the alert to stay safe.