Vandalism or Attempted Break-in on First Street

Report from the GDSD Patrol

On Monday 10/03/16 at 3:27am Garden District Security District officers received a call from a resident in the 1200 block of First Street advising the alarm at the rear of the house leading to the porch was activated.

Upon arrival officers checked the backyard area and then made contact with homeowner. The homeowner told officers that around 3:15am he awoke to the alarm which was located at the rear of the residence leading out to the porch. A brick was used to try and make entry into the residence but hit the wood section of the door and broke into several pieces. Homeowner advised officer that although the alarm was triggered, he did not receive a call from his alarm service, nor was NOPD notified or dispatched.

Upon investigation, it appeared that the brick used came from the sidewalk separating this property and the one next door.

All patrols in the area were alerted. The investigation will continue.


Residents are also encouraged to install security cameras and additional lighting on the exterior of their house to help combat crime and catch criminals. As always, the GDSD encourages you to use the patrol when ever needed for escorts, calls for assistance and to report suspicious persons. Officers are on duty around the clock.