Residence Burglary and Auto Theft on Camp

Report from the GDSD Patrol

On late Monday, October 3, a report from the NOPD was received by the GDSD noting a house burglary and car theft in the 2300 block of Camp Street. Both crimes were committed at the same location. GDSD was not called on this incident.

According to NOPD reports, the resident was out of town at the time of the occurrence and the crimes were reported by a friend checking on the house. The report notes that a side window of the residence was found open and several items in the home were disturbed. Because the owner was not available, it was not known if items were missing. The car was stolen from the driveway.

A neighbor in that block reported to the NOPD on the scene that he had noticed a suspicious person that afternoon. Cameras for nearby properties were checked for information. The investigation continues.

Due to an apparent uptick in crime in the area, the GDSD patrol has made changes to their methods of patrol and all guards are on high alert. We ask the same of the neighbors. Please report all suspicious activity to the patrol (504) 899-4373 and to the NOPD 911.


Residents are also encouraged to install security cameras and additional lighting on the exterior of their house to help combat crime and catch criminals. As always, the GDSD encourages you to use the patrol when ever needed for escorts, calls for assistance and to report suspicious persons. Officers are on duty around the clock.