BOLO: Photos of Suspect in Attempted Car Burglary


A neighbor who was nearly a victim of a car burglary in the 2600 block of Chestnut Street sent photos of the individual apparently trying to enter her vehicle last week. The photo shows a good description on the suspect who, in the video, tries to open the car.

In light of the recent uptick in incidents around the neighborhood, we ask all to be on the lookout for this person, report him to the NOPD and the GDSD when/if spotted. NOPD: 911 GDSD: 899-4373.

Please note: that we try our best to report all of the serious incidents and trends of the less serious incidents that come to our attention. But not all crimes are reported to us or to the NOPD. We ask all residents to report ALL suspicious activity and All crimes so that the officers and supervisors can be as aware as possible of the activity in the area, and resources can be deployed appropriately. Much appreciated!

Picture of the suspect


Residents are also encouraged to install security cameras and additional lighting on the exterior of their house to help combat crime and catch criminals. As always, the GDSD encourages you to use the patrol when ever needed for escorts, calls for assistance and to report suspicious persons. Officers are on duty around the clock.