Car Burglary / Car Theft / Increase in Patrols

Car Burglary Reported on Camp and Third

GDSD SGT King was dispatched via Unit 1 to intersection of Third and Camp streets on a 62C Vehicle Burglary. Upon arrival SGT King met with the victim. The victim stated he parked his 1999 Ford F-150 at approximately 9:15 am at the intersection of Third and Camp streets with the passenger door unlocked. When he returned to his vehicle after lunch at about 11:30 am to retrieve his iPhone 5 he noticed his iPhone and it’s vehicle charger missing. The resident at the location has video footage showing that a black male, gray pants and white shirt, entered the vehicle at about 9:47 am and remove the victims’ property.


Car Theft Reported in Crime Stats on Sixth and Camp

This incident was not reported to the GDSD patrol. Details are being investigated at this time. Anyone with information on this is asked to share that information with the GDSD and/or the NOPD.

Important Note

In response to the recent spike in crime, the GDSD has added to the current daily NOPD detail coverage throughout the neighborhood. In addition, GDSD supervisors have made changes to the routing and methods of patrolling in an effort to curb the trends. We ask for your continued participation in reporting all suspicious activities and crimes that have occurred, removing all items from your vehicles, locking your doors and installing cameras and lights that can help us solve some of these crimes. Stay safe, use the patrol ((504) 899-4373) and watch out for your neighbors.