Disturbance on Third and Chestnut

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Disturbance on Third and Chestnut Last Night GDSD patrol officers answered the call of a disturbance at Camp and Third street at approximately 3:30 am on Friday, May 5. A white female and a white male walking from Magazine Street were involved in an altercation with each other. The couple moved to Chestnut and Third where the incident escalated. Upon investigation, several NOPD and GDSD officers on the scene learned from the male (the husband of the female) that she had possibly ingested some type of drug and started acting out. She eventually had to be restrained by several officers. EMS arrived and tried to sedate her to no avail. She was eventually transported to a hospital for further observation. There is no further information available at this time. ~~~ As always, we urge you to use the GDSD patrol anytime day or night to escort you to and from your car or when you are arriving to your destination in the Garden District. Simply call 899-4373(GDSD) and ask for assistance. Reporting all suspicious activity to the patrol helps prevent crimes. Please take every precaution to be safe. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Garden District Security District (504) 899-GDSD PATROL LINE (504) 525-7111 Dispatch (504) 525-7911 Office (504) 335-2262 Fax www.gdsdpatrol.org [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001NPuoaE-MU9_xF49tj78Db8UTOy9RfkOrYeQEuID8D5lDtg14jkYh_-Da2WR8apvhb5n95bncWvJRp8hmc1R-RKsuD4uIhrKcYLULAlMpE-sC227SjWCObCR9I6L2lscq8BQPRmi0nbbhulYPZ_omEyp8DBotLTTjB49s3vkg5yA=&c=8AsWsjV0ZY-cDwDo5Hc8jAq0NQcIPF31Vek03Qh4x9mWcM0vNDcU2Q==&ch=nIQ8BBnN2n6N39w8RHaRMlz8pFCiOKYtuusPZfMi0POvPNADFgt5LA==] gdsdpatrol@bellsouth.net [mailto:gdsdpatrol@bellsouth.net] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Forward this email ui.constantcontact.com/sa/fwtf.jsp?llr=bvttpiwab&m=1123418754721&ea=$patrol-cat@gardendistrictassociation.com$&a=1127883479188 This email was sent to patrol-cat@gardendistrictassociation.com by gdsdpatrol@bellsouth.net. Update Profile/Email Address visitor.constantcontact.com/do?p=oo&m=001jj-jA8FV4MqXIkSrROrkqw%3D%3D&ch=591e9080-1967-11e6-82e2-d4ae52733d3a&ca=b439e0eb-865d-4311-9c3c-c2d64ecfaec8 Instant removal with SafeUnsubscribe(TM) visitor.constantcontact.com/do?p=un&m=001jj-jA8FV4MqXIkSrROrkqw%3D%3D&ch=591e9080-1967-11e6-82e2-d4ae52733d3a&ca=b439e0eb-865d-4311-9c3c-c2d64ecfaec8 Privacy Policy: www.constantcontact.com/legal/service-provider?cc=about-service-provider Online Marketing by Constant Contact(R) www.constantcontact.com GDA | P.O. Box 50836 | New Orleans | LA | 70150