Filming on Fourth Street This Week

Dear Residents and Businesses,

We will be filming scenes in your neighborhood on Thursday May 11, 2017. We thank you for the opportunity to film in your neighborhood. We would like to make this a positive experience for you. Our main company will move in and begin filming in the area from approximately 7am-7pm. On the day of filming our crew parking and base camp will be situated in private lots to minimize our impact in the area. All driveways and handicap zones will be respected. We work closely with Film New Orleans to help ensure that we adhere to the standards they have set forth. We will have police on hand as well as security throughout this process.

Parking will be affected during prep and strike on the following streets from Noon on Wednesday May 10th until 5pm on Friday May 12, 2017:
1400 block of Fourth St.

Parking will be affected during filming on the following streets from 5am until 5pm on Thursday May 11, 2017:
2700 block of Prytania (riverside)

There will also be ITC (Intermittent Traffic Control) on May 11th between the hours of 9am – 4pm at the intersections of Prytania & Fourth St and Prytania St & Washington Ave. Please be prepared for delays or using an alternate route during these times.

If you have any specific parking concerns, contact us as soon as possible with any special needs so that we might come up with some creative solutions to address said concerns. If you have any loud construction work or large deliveries scheduled for the day in question, please let us know in advance so we can accommodate your needs.

We endeavor to make this as pleasant an experience as possible as the key to continuing Louisiana’s role as a premier filming destination is community involvement and support. The film industry creates a wealth of local jobs and opportunities in communities across Louisiana. We are excited to play a part in this growth and productivity. We are looking forward to our upcoming work in the neighborhood. We thank you so much for your hospitality & patience. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time with whatever questions.

David Thornsberry
Location Manager
(504) 662-1678

Justin Etienne
Asst. Location Manager
(504) 662-1678