First Step in the Right Direction

By passing a measure known as an Interim Zoning District, or IZD, no new “temporary” category applications or renewals will be approved (“temporary” being the 90-nights-a-year whole-house short-term rentals that have been the main source of complaints across the city) for the next 9 months. During that time, the City Planning Commission will be conducting a study into the impact of STRs and form recommendations on ways to better regulate the industry and enforce these regulations. The City Planning Commission will vote on this staff recommendation and then the City Council will consider it as well.  Before each vote, a public hearing will be held.  And prior to that time, we will be submitting our recommendations to the City Planning Commission staff and meeting with Council members.

This was a bold move by a brand-new City Council, many who campaigned on this issue.  All stated in their remarks that these regulations should be about the larger issue of ensuring that New Orleans remains first and foremost a place for New Orleanians.

Stay tuned and let us know if you can help us along the way by writing a letter or appearing at a hearing for us.

For now…if you have a moment to thank the Council, please send them an email letting them know how much we appreciate their actions and please reinforce the request for the Garden District to be exempt from all STRs because of the already immense pressure we receive from tourists.

Please see their email addresses here: