Garden District Security District Notes

Recent activity:

A residence in the 1600 block of Third Street was the site of a forcible entry yesterday. Upon entering his home near midnight the resident noticed a broken lock and glass door on the side of the home. NOPD and GDSD offices were on the scene. The resident reported that it did not appear that any items were taken from the home and that it must have occurred between 5:30 and midnight when he was gone from the house. The Crime Lab was called to the scene. There was no further available information at the time of this writing


In other news today the NOPD announced the indictments of several suspects in the Uptown restaurant robberies a few moths ago. Please click here to read more


arlier this week, GDSD officers reported a drug deal on Magazine and Harmony when they found two suspects unconscious in a car near that intersection. Upon breaking the window, the suspects were found to have narcotics. The suspects were taken into custody by the NOPD.


Last week SOS (Safe on Our Streets) a new crime fighting initiative launched its website, It is requesting that all citizens complete the survey on the site.

Stay safe and call the patrol as often as needed. Officers are on duty around the clock. (504) 899-4373.