NOPD Arrest Suspects in Uptown Burglaries

Requests Help From the Community

In spite of the overwhelming burden on the NOPD and its officers during Mardi Gras, the New Orleans Police Second District Investigative Unit has made three separate arrest in the recent string of Uptown burglaries.

Officers recovered property that may have been taken in some of these incidents. The Second District detectives have asked the uptown security districts to spread the word asking residents who were victims of a burglary within the last year (in which jewelry was taken) to please call (504) 658-6020 to schedule an appointment to review and possibly identify the recovered property.

The detectives are also still investigating if the suspects are connected to any previous burglaries.


As always, we urge you to use the GDSD patrol anytime day or night to escort you to and from your car or when you are arriving to your destination in the Garden District. Simply call (504) 899-4373 and ask for assistance. Reporting all suspicious activity to the patrol helps prevent crimes. Please take every precaution to be safe and secure all of your belongings so as not to attract crimes to the area.