Two Car Burglaries Reported In The Garden District

In the last few days, the GDSD patrol reported two car burglaries in the area. One occurred in the 1400 block of Harmony. In this incident, the vehicle (Ford pickup) was locked and the window shattered to retrieve a few items.

Another burglary reported from the 2800 block of Carondelet indicate that vehicle (Ford Expedition) was not locked, thus no forced entry was required. A firearm was missing from the vehicle.

Neither victim resided in the neighborhood.


As always, we urge you to use the GDSD patrol anytime day or night to escort you to and from your car or when you are arriving to your destination in the Garden District. Simply call (504) 899-4373 (GDSD) and ask for assistance. Reporting all suspicious activity to the patrol helps prevent crimes. Please take every precaution to be safe.