Residence Burglary in the 1400 block of Philip

On Sunday, July 17 around 5:30 pm, a resident at 1430 Philip returned home and noticed that her back door was open. As she approached the door, her dog began to bark. She walked in the house and found a stranger in the living room. The resident screamed and fled from the home and the perpetrator ran out the back door. The husband was just returning home at that time and witnessed his wife yelling and running for help. He entered the home through the front door and armed himself with a baseball bat. He found no other subjects in the house.

GDSD was called as well as NOPD. Several items were reported missing and an unknown bicycle was found on the premises. It was taken as evidence in the case.

The resident described the gentleman as African American 5’11” – 6′ tall in his mid thirties and was wearing a black baseball cap, a black or navy shirt with yellow writing on it and black pants.

There is no further information available at this time. Anyone with cameras in the area is asked to check the footage and alert the GDSD at (504) 899-4373 or NOPD detectives through the 6th District (504) 658-6060.


As always, the Garden District Security District urges you to be cautious and use the patrol as often as possible. Officers are on duty 24 hours each day and can provide escorts to and from your home at any time. Please report all crimes and suspicious activity to the NOPD (911) and the patrol at (504) 899-4373.