Movie Production Scheduled For 1300 block of 7th Next Week


First Met Productions LLC will be filming scenes from our upcoming feature film “When We First Met” in your neighborhood in the 1300 block of 7th Street on MONDAY 7/18 through FRIDAY 7/22. We are working with Katie Williams and Jennifer Kessler at Film New Orleans, the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Economy, who can be reached at 504-658-0923 to verify our credentials. We will also be working with Law Enforcement Officers and Traffic Engineering to effect traffic control and monitor safety. We understand filming can sometimes be a nuisance and we will make every effort to lessen our impact whenever we are in your community. We encourage dialogue and to that end we are available to hear any and all of your concerns, so please don’t hesitate to call us directly at the numbers listed below. Parking will be reserved with “NO PARKING” signs in the area for our working trucks and picture from 7AM MONDAY 7/18 until 1AM SATURDAY 7/23. We will not block any driveways. All signs will be promptly removed upon completion of filming. NO PARKING between 7AM MONDAY 7/18 and 1AM SATURDAY 7/23 on the following blocks: * – 1300 block of 7th ST, BOTH SIDES * – 3000 – 2900 blocks of COLISEUM ST, BOTH SIDES * – 2800 block of PRYTANIA ST, RIVERSIDE (cemetery side) * – 1400 block of 6th ST, DOWNTOWN SIDE (cemetery side) * – 2200 block of CHIPPEWA ST BOTH SIDES * – 600 block of JACKSON AVE BOTH SIDES We will be conducting TEMPORARY TRAFFIC CONTROL between 9AM MONDAY 7/18 – 1AM SATURDAY 7/23 on the following blocks: * – 7th ST @ PRYTANIA ST – COLISEUMST@8th ST and @ 6th ST * Officers working the traffic detail will be instructed to assist all local residential and business traffic in getting to and from their intended destinations in a safe and efficient manner. Should you have any deliveries, events or appointments that we should be aware of, please do not hesitate to call us or ask anyone with a radio to contact Locations. We thank you again for your support of filmmaking and allowing us to film in your beautiful city. Thank you again for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Evan Gabriele Assistant Locations Manager (917) 288-4073 Locations Department PLEASE NOTE THE DATES AND TIMES ON THE “NO PARKING” SIGNS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Garden District Association 504-525-7608 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ See what’s happening on our social sites Facebook [–lToKLi2vzXv&c=pmmK9LtLtCKy-K3sBOCqnj_jWduJPLMFwbD3_bgMjy6yzAFmvNLTVw==&ch=hMSi_9b1ou6TaLrJBwkQrFTt67GbVstqzr_jwTYJO1sbaQTjIA-2Sw==] Twitter [–lToKLi2vzXv&c=pmmK9LtLtCKy-K3sBOCqnj_jWduJPLMFwbD3_bgMjy6yzAFmvNLTVw==&ch=hMSi_9b1ou6TaLrJBwkQrFTt67GbVstqzr_jwTYJO1sbaQTjIA-2Sw==] LinkedIn [–lToKLi2vzXv&c=pmmK9LtLtCKy-K3sBOCqnj_jWduJPLMFwbD3_bgMjy6yzAFmvNLTVw==&ch=hMSi_9b1ou6TaLrJBwkQrFTt67GbVstqzr_jwTYJO1sbaQTjIA-2Sw==] Pinterest [–lToKLi2vzXv&c=pmmK9LtLtCKy-K3sBOCqnj_jWduJPLMFwbD3_bgMjy6yzAFmvNLTVw==&ch=hMSi_9b1ou6TaLrJBwkQrFTt67GbVstqzr_jwTYJO1sbaQTjIA-2Sw==] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Forward this email$$&a=1125301787141 This email was sent to by Update Profile/Email Address Instant removal with SafeUnsubscribe(TM) Privacy Policy: Online Marketing by Constant Contact(R) Garden District Association | P.O. Box 50836 | New Orleans | LA | 70150