Robbery of A Tourist

Three Arrests Made At 2:14am on 1-23-18, GDSD SFC.

Ruiz responded to a call regarding a simple robbery which occurred at the corner of Jackson and Carondelet. Upon arrival, SFC. Ruiz arrived simultaneously with NOPD Officer Erica Williams and met with the victim. He immediately stated that he had been maced in the eyes by the subjects who stole his debit card. GDSD officer, SFC. Ruiz, immediately poured water on Mr. Johnson’s eyes to flush out the pepper spray. Once the victim was able to gain his composure, he stated that three black females driving a blue or purple Dodge Neon were pulled over at the corner of Josephine and Carondelet when they pepper sprayed him after he accused them of taking his debit card.

Additional NOPD units went to look for the subjects while GDSD SFC. Ruiz and NOPD Officer Williams continued to interview the victim. He stated that he was from out of town and was staying at the New Orleans Marriott with his father and brother. He said that they had all gone out drinking on Bourbon street and eventually his brother and father went back to the hotel. The victim stayed at Fat Cats on Bourbon street with the three females who eventually robbed him. He stated that after they left the club, they got in a blue or purple Dodge Neon and drove to a gas station where he paid to put gas in the car.

They then continued driving around and stopped at the corner of Josephine and Carondelet when one of the subjects offered the victim oral sex to which he was apprehensive on accepting. As this was happening he felt for his wallet in his front pocket and noticed it was missing. He confronted the three women about it and they became defensive with him. When he insisted to have his property returned, all three women started to push him out the car and one of them pepper sprayed him in the face.

He then stated that he ran to the corner of Carondelet and Jackson while he was on the phone with 911. At that point, the subjects returned and one of the subjects exited the vehicle took his phone and ran. He chased her and was able the grab her. In the struggle the subject maced him again and dropped her phone which he picked up. The subject noticed he had her phone so she threw his phone back to him while grabbing her phone back from him. He then stated that less than 2 minutes later, officers arrived on scene.

While interviewing the victim, NOPD advised on the radio that they pulled over a vehicle with three black female subjects matching the description he gave. After completing the interview, NOPD transported the victim to the location where NOPD was holding the three subjects and he was able to make a positive ID on all three and had his property returned to him. All three subjects were then placed under arrest by NOPD and transported to lockup. The victim and NOPD returned to Carondelet and Jackson to finish up the report and then transported him back to his hotel. GDSD SFC. Ruiz then cleared from the scene and resumed routine patrol. No further action was taken on this incident.