Lots Happening on the Zoning Front


Yesterday, several issues on the CPC agenda brought out neighbors from several neighborhoods to speak in opposition. In attendance and in sync on the following issues were the Irish Channel Neighborhood Association ( ICNA), the Coliseum Square (Lower Garden District) Association (CSA) , the Garden District Association (GDA) and the Preservation Resource Center.

Short Term Rentals

The Commission rejected two requests for zoning changes in residential areas that would allow commercial usage (365 days/year) as Short Term Rentals and deferred one such request in the 2100 block of Constance. Those rejected included 919-21 Jackson Avenue 1700-06 Jackson Avenue. We thank the CPC staff and the Commissioners for being constant and realizing that allowing this the of commercial encroachment damages the residential integrity of the neighborhoods. The City Council will have the the final vote on this issue.

2042 Prytania

The Commission revisited the zoning change request for 2042 Prytania to change from HUB1A to HUMU. The CSA, GDA and several nearby neighbors and condo associations opposed this request. The Commission agreed and voted to send a recommendation of denial to the City Council on this matter.

Supercia Restaurant

The request for a Conditional Use permit to allow a restaurant of approximately 7000 sf to locate in the current Smashburger site at 3300 Magazine was deferred per the applicants request to have more time to work out parking and other issues important to both the ICNA and the GDA. The matter was deferred until February 6. Meetings were held last night with neighbors of both associations and representatives from their Atlanta parent company. The GDA opposes this request as it now stands based on the size that exceeds 5000 sf and the long term precedent it will set at that location as well as the impact with parking and such that a restaurant of that size will have on the immediate neighborhood. The GDA continues to closely monitor this issue and will keep you posted. Letters on this are due to the City Planning Commission by close of business on January 29. (send emails to: Bob Rivers :

Chipotle Reaches City Council Level

After many months of negotiation, the Conditional Use application to allow a fast food restaurant, Chipotle Mexican Grill to open on Magazine near Washington will reach the City Council for approval. The Association, along with the ICNA, agreed not to oppose this application if a Good Neighbor Agreement was signed. The agreement was reached weeks ago and is binding to the property.. While it is not the preference of the GDA to support a fast food outlet along this corridor, permission for these restaurants can be granted under a Conditional Use permit. Thus, the Good Neighbor Agreement will hopefully mitigate the impact though smaller sized truck deliveries, scheduled times of deliveries, restricted hours and restrictions on signage among other issues. This matter will be heard for the final hearing tomorrow (Thursday, January 25) before the City Council.