Want an Oak Tree?

‘Tis the Season for Planting

For several years now, The Garden District Association has offered to its members the Enhancing the Canopy of Oaks program for Live Oak Tree plantings throughout the neighborhood. This program is up and running and we invite your participation in maintaining our beautiful canopy in our neighborhood. Property owners who choose to participate in this program pay only 1/3 of the cost of each oak tree and will benefit from the service of professional landscapers who will choose and install the tree. The remaining 2/3 of this cost will be paid for by the Garden District Association and our very generous neighbors, Tony & Katherine Gelderman. Though the property owner is responsible for the watering of the tree, this fee includes 1 year maintenance from the tree company to ensure the health of the tree in the crucial first year. Appropriate planting locations usually require a space of 3ft. x 5ft on public property (often between the sidewalk and the curb) which cannot be located under electrical wires.

If you are interested in planting one or more trees near your property, please contact the GDA via email: with your name, address and number of trees you might like to plant.